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About Me

Amy Morikami, CPC, JD

Hello I’m Amy,
I started SinglEase to help busy single women like you feel more at EASE in your life.   Being single, I know how overwhelming it can feel to handle everything life throws at you on your own.   If you feel like you’re flying solo through the ups and downs of life and anxious or unclear about what the future may bring, you are in the right place.
As a certified life coach my mission is to help single women like you reach their personal best in life. 
I began flying solo at the age of 17 when I left my home in Hawaii for the first time.  While I now consider the SF Bay Area my home there were many twists, turns, and returns on my path here.  I first started my career as an attorney and then transitioned to other fields including teaching English internationally, consulting and financial services, but always felt something was missing until I pursued a career in coaching. 
As a single woman, I’ve experienced everything from physical injury and rehab; to multiple career changes and re-locations; as well as caregiving of my elderly mom during her last years of life. Through all these major events having a personal coach and source of support allowed me to navigate more clearly through those times with grace, confidence, and EASE, and the same can happen for you. 
I approach coaching with both a positive and compassionate heart along with a strategic and practical mind.  With personalized coaching you will find clarity on what’s truly important to you and a clear vision of what direction you want your life to take and look like.  You will feel more confident in your power to define and set the course and direction of your own life.
If you’re serious about moving your life forward in the direction that you desire, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me for a complimentary call to talk about how coaching could benefit you and create more EASE in your life today.

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